Exciting watch trends of 2024

Exciting watch trends of 2024

The coming year promises to be an exciting one for watches. As the industry continues evolving at a rapid pace, 2024 seems poised to bring several iconic new releases, expanded accessibility for top brands like Rolex, and interesting changes at heavy hitters like Audemars Piguet and Christopher Ward. Those are just some of the predictions watch enthusiasts should keenly anticipate.

2024: An Anniversary Moonwatch from Omega

With 2024 marking 55 full years since NASA's iconic 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing, Omega will likely release a commemorative Speedmaster model honoring astronaut Buzz Aldrin's historic moments on the lunar surface. Omega has always jumped at any excuse to produce special edition Speedmaster references, so a 55th anniversary moonwatch seems inevitable

Rolex Would Be Easier to Purchase in 2024

Falling secondary/resale market prices throughout 2023 and strategic moves by Rolex such as expanding production capabilities clearly signal that difficulties in purchasing coveted Rolex models in 2024 at standard retail prices may finally begin to ease up. As availability improves, 2024 could realistically be the year enthusiasts get to add a nice new Submariner.

The TAG Heuer Renaissance Continuing

Coming off the wave of success and enthusiasm sparked by 2022's Carrera Chronograph "Glassbox" tribute, in 2024 TAG Heuer will likely keep modernizing and revamping classics from its back catalog while simultaneously upping overall quality and technical merits. This continuing brand renaissance should cement TAG Heuer as an appealing alternative to other top tier luxury brands.

The 2024 Promises a Hot Market for Carl F. Bucherer

The Crown's recent acquisition of parent company Bucherer will surely thrust the relatively underrated Carl F. Bucherer into the spotlight. We think CFB has strong yet undiscovered mainstream potential to make waves.

Christopher Ward Joining the Big Boys

Following multiple hit releases over the past few years, Christopher Ward will undoubtedly surprise critics again in 2024 as it celebrates its 20th anniversary, evolving into a true luxury watchmaking player rather than merely an upstart microbrand.

A New Direction for Audemars Piguet

The upcoming departure of Audemars Piguet's CEO François-Henry Bennahmias, who has helmed the company for over 30 years whilst making the Royal Oak an absolute icon, clearly signals that a tangible shift away from the brand's recent penchant for pop culture collaborations and hype-centered models is imminent under fresh leadership in 2024.

Even if just a handful of these predictions for 2024 ultimately come to fruition, we could be witnessing a milestone year wherein the landscape of the luxury mechanical watch world subtly but surely shifts to open new horizons and possibilities moving forward. We'll have to impatiently wait and see what 2024 has in store!