Beyond Unique

Masterfully crafted, expertly selected. Privé Selection was conceived for the few who live and breathe distinction in every aspect of their life. At Privé Selection we empower those who make a statement just by walking into a room, those who are beyond unique.

Our endless search for the greatest selection of hard-to-find luxury watches gives you access to a global network of connoisseurs, craftsmen, collectors, and traders who will locate the missing gem in your collection, or even your very first. Behind each timepiece, a story well told by true connoisseurs devoted to service, both at our global showrooms or through any of our remote channels.

We understand that rare watches transcend investment; they become part of your legacy, so take your time today, enjoy our fine curation of watches, and start the conversation when you are ready. We look forward to guiding you to the unique piece that will accentuate your style.

Expect best-in-class service at our showrooms around the world, as well as white-glove treatment when delivering items if you prefer us to handle it all online.

The classy and the edgy, the charming and the daring, the coveted and rare. It’s all here and very soon around your wrist or that of someone who matters to you. The quest for your next timepiece starts now and we’ll be here every step of the way.