Glashütte Original: 170 years of identity

Glashütte Original: 170 years of identity

Among watch enthusiasts, the Glashütte Original watch holds a special place for its dedication to the traditions of German watchmaking. The brand has crafted exquisite timepieces with its own unique identity for over 170 years.

The story begins in 1845 when the small town of Glashütte became home to a burgeoning watchmaking industry. Skilled craftsmen honed their expertise over generations, passing knowledge down and innovating new techniques. This led to the founding of Glashütte Original in 1845.

Staying true to its heritage, the Glashütte Original watch manufacturer continues to produce watches almost entirely in-house, from calibers to components. Each watch passes through the hands of master technicians and takes days to produce. This attention to detail is evident in signature pieces like:

  • Senator Excellence: A refined dress watch with a meticulous black-polished dial and blued steel hands.
  • PanoLunar Tourbillon: A stylish watch famed for its flying tourbillon and asymmetric dial with moon phase.
  • SeaQ: A diver's watch with vintage appeal, a high-tech ceramic bezel, and automatic movement.
  • Sixties: Understated elegance meets modernity in this collection with thin cases and minimalist dials.

For those seeking German watchmaking at its finest, the Glashütte Original watches remain a prime choice. Those wishing to buy a Glashütte Original watch can find authentic pieces on our website. While investment pieces, the superior craftsmanship makes them worth the cost for watch lovers worldwide.