A timeless present. How to choose a watch as a gift?

A timeless present. How to choose a watch as a gift?

A nice watch makes for a thoughtful, timeless gift. When choosing a watch to give someone, you’ll want to consider the intended recipient's style and needs. Here are some tips on selecting watches as gifts for important women and men in your life.

How to choose a watch as a present for her

Think about the woman's fashion aesthetic. Does she prefer dainty jewelry or statement pieces? Feminine colors and materials or structural metals? Delicate watch faces or those with some sparkle? If opting for a metal band, make sure it will be comfortable on her wrist. Popular watch styles for women include dress watches, athletic watches, and smart watches.

Consider the features she may want. Some watch options to look for include crystal mineral glass for durability, water resistance rating for swimmers, multiple time zones for jetsetters, and activity tracking for the fitness fanatic.

When in doubt, you can choose a classic, versatile watch with replaceable bands for a girl. This allows the wearer to swap out bands to match different looks. A watch with both metal and leather bands included makes for a very useful gift.

If in the slightest hesitation, check out our online watch catalog or contact our manager. We will choose a watch to your preference from the latest and most desirable collections for women: from the most exclusive Rolex Items to the elegant Harry Winston Ladys Collection.

How to choose a watch as a gift for him

Men's watch collections amaze us with their number and variety. Don't be surprised when you find it difficult to choose among the many models that are unique in their origin and value. We are here to help you choose the best one for your beloved person.

First of all, pay attention to the man's personal style. Does he wear a suit to work every day or athletic clothes to the gym? Is his wardrobe more casual or formal? Select a watch that will fit into his current outfits.

Think about his hobbies and interests. If he's outdoorsy, consider a rugged sports watch. If he loves technology and gadgets, a smart watch is a great choice. If he travels often, buying a dual time zone watch can come in handy

As with women's watches, interchangeable watch bands give men options for different circumstances. Having both metal and leather bands, as well as bands in different colors, allows a watch to be worn casually or formally.

No matter who is receiving your watch gift, be sure to have the watch properly sized to fit their wrist. With some thoughtful consideration, your timepiece present will stylishly stand the test of time.

Summarizing, if you still have doubts about buying a perfect watch as a gift, give us a call and we will recommend a watch for a present that will definitely please your loved one.

Whether you want to make a pleasant impression with your gift, emphasize the importance of a person or impress them with your taste while giving Rolex or Richard Mille - we will guide you in making the right choice in watch selection.