Louis Vuitton SS24 Fashion Show in Paris: A Watch Showcase from Rihanna to Pharrell Williams

Louis Vuitton SS24 Fashion Show in Paris: A Watch Showcase from Rihanna to Pharrell Williams

The fashion industry was abuzz with excitement as the Louis Vuitton SS24 Fashion Show took place in Paris, showcasing the latest trends and designs. However, it wasn't just the clothes that stole the spotlight - the watches worn by the celebrities in attendance became the talk of the town. With Pharrell Williams making his debut as the men's creative director of Louis Vuitton, it was a star-studded event featuring some of the biggest names in the entertainment and sports industry.

Celebrities with their luxury watches

Pharrell Williams, the man of the hour, was seen wearing the extravagant Richard Mille RM 88 watch before the show. With a staggering price tag of $1.2 million, this timepiece epitomizes luxury and exclusivity. 

Rihanna confidently showed off an extraordinary 47mm Jacob & Co. Tourbillon Watch in the form of a choker adorned with a white calfskin strap with captivating alligator skin branding. Among the watch's noteworthy features are the mesmerizing flying tourbillon movement and the gorgeous ensemble of 30 carats of white baguette-cut diamonds. In addition, the movement was adorned with an impressive arrangement of 338 brilliant-cut diamonds radiating exquisite brilliance. If this exceptional masterpiece catches your eye, you could buy a watch like Rihanna's for the remarkable price of $670,000

LeBron James, the renowned basketball player, made a grand entrance with his black ceramic Audemars Piguet Royal Oak skeleton watch. This exquisite timepiece, priced at approximately $300,000, caught the attention of watch enthusiasts worldwide. Its intricate design and luxurious appeal perfectly complemented James' style and stature.

Tyler The Creator, known for his unique fashion sense, sported a yellow-gold Cartier Pebble watch. This particular model is limited to just 150 pieces, adding to its exclusivity and allure. With a retail watch price of $45,000, it is anticipated that its value would skyrocket if it were to become available on the market.

Pierre Ghastly, a prominent figure in the fashion industry, opted for a black-dial Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch. If you're interested in owning one, you can find a similar model for sale on Jomashop for approximately $63,000. Sitting next to Ghastly was none other than Marcus Rashford, who flaunted his Richard Mille watch. This timepiece, priced at a staggering $350,000, exemplified Rashford's sophisticated taste. Meanwhile, Mia Khalifa added a touch of glamor to the event with her two-tone Rolex Datejust watch, which can be purchased for around $16,000.

Paul Pogba, the talented footballer, made a statement with his black ceramic Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch featuring a perpetual calendar. This exceptional timepiece carries a hefty price tag of $240,000. Jerry Lorenzo, known for his influential streetwear brand Fear of God, showcased his personal style with a yellow gold Rolex Day Date watch. If you're interested in owning a similar model, you can buy the Rolex watch for approximately $46,000.

The Louis Vuitton SS24 Fashion Show highlighted the latest fashion trends and showcased the watches worn by some of the industry's biggest names. From LeBron James to Pharrell Williams, these celebrities donned exquisite timepieces that enhanced their outfits and spoke volumes about their personal style and status. Whether it's a high-end luxury watch or a more accessible option, these celebrities proved that watches are not just functional accessories but also a reflection of individuality and taste.